Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Moving forward

Lights Out San Francisco was a huge success, thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters, especially the Teacher with the Bus. You will find some beautiful images of participating landmarks here, and feedback from individuals on our "October 20th" page.

Building off of all the positive responses we've received from folks across the country and even around the world, we're moving forward with Lights Out America. Right now we're working on planning and fundraising, and meeting with the many folks who are interested in collaborating with us. Stay tuned to our website and this blog for more news and info!


(SR71)Atomica said...

Don't know if you noticed this, but NBC Universal networks have adopted the campaign "Green Is Universal", even to the point of darkening the Sunday Night Football studio on NBC last night. Admittedly a bit overdone but it is important to think about how much energy we do use.

BoomerDanceLover said...

Dear fellow energy conservationists:
It is possible to build your own solar power system and to then essentially "live off the grid". There are many ways to calculate system size. The major considerations are the power (watts or kilowatts), and battery capacity (how long can the batteries run the inverter before you recharge them. The power of the inverter and the power of the solar panel array or wind generator don’t have to be the same. You can find power size guidelines on my inverter page.

I figured that I need to be able to generate 4 times the power I would use in a 24 hour period. This allows for cloudy winter days and some power lost in the system (storing and converting power).

I hope you will check out my web site and tell other folks interested in saving energy and of course, in the end, saving money. Thank you, John

Matt G Hoekzema's Blog said...

I really like your site in general. Its my 1st time coming here.

va3vfo said...

CFL use may be ENCOURAGING light pollution! How? Here in Ontario, incandescent lighting is in the legislative process of being legally banned! Aided by the advertising campaign to switch homeowners to CFL’s, homeowners are now using CFL’s to OVERLIGHT all and any outdoor fixture. The common thought seems to be: "Gee, cheaper lighting! Great… now I can light up my house, driveway, front and rear yards, the neighbours yard and home as well as the street- all night long- with this new environmentally friendly and cheap lighting!"

My prediction is that CFL will set "Light Pollution Abatement Programs" back 20 years! To make matters worse, the “way” CFL’s are being used is creating unsightly and dangerous lighting glare. In almost all cases I have seen of their outdoor over-use, the bulb goes totally uncovered. The result is terrifying sudden glare when driving from a darkened roadway, past a home lit up with as many uncovered CFL’s as possible. All of them turned on, where the previous incandescent would have remained off due, to their conceived high power cost. Oh, if they had only known about the “proper” methods of environmentally friendly incandescent lighting!

I am sorry, but I fear the CFL will create a monster. Light pollution on to my home property is now so bad with neighbours using CFL’s that I can read a book anywhere. They light up the walls and - well everything- on my home. The only advantage is I no longer have to turn on my “full cut-off” lighting, saving ME as small amount of power.
Be careful what you wish for. Come to Toronto and it suburbs where the CFL’s promotion and legislation is creating the worst, ugliest, unsafe night time environment you have ever seen! PLEASE HELP, before it’s too late!!

G. White
Holland Landing, Ontario

J. Wilson said...

I agree with atomica. It's great that mass media is beginning to consider its impact on our society and our world. The environment cannot sustain so much abuse.

Check out my blog if you get a chance: