Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eco press

According to the New Economics Foundation, "[t]he world moved into 'ecological overdraft' on Saturday, the point at which human consumption exceeds the ability of the earth to sustain it in any year and goes into the red". While it is not definite that this is the case, the article "World moves into the ecological red" includes some very scary and eye-opening facts. This one struck me as particularly poignant:

"If everyone in the world had the same consumption rates as in the United States it would take 5.3 planet earths to support them, NEF said, noting that the figure was 3.1 for France and Britain, 3.0 for Spain, 2.5 for Germany and 2.4 for Japan."

Thank you to Graham, who wrote in to alert us of an article entitled "Is light pollution killing out birds?" which states:

"Recent research has shown a reduction in the populations of moths, spiders, sparrows and amphibians, supporting the case for light pollution being considered a threat to the environment as well as to astronomers - who find the glare interfering with their observations - and householders - who complain of the visual intrusion caused by security lights and insensitive street lighting."

Visit to download a PDF of the entire article.

Just some more food for thought.


Eating Consciously said...

I wonder if that light pollution could have anything to do with the bee disappearance? I know they think it's most likely a virus, but I'm sure the light isn't helping. WWW.EATINGCONSCIOUSLY.COM

forgetyourthoughtsandremembertheday said...

i wonder if you should be more involved in such pollutin acts such as the ones on the beaches on the east coast and west .. next time your at the beach .. take a look at the sand and beach surrounding you .. that trash is killing our fish seagulls and so on and so forth .. yes i agree with the light pollution. i think it may be a great consern .. i will possibly write about it in my blog myself ..
but please consider other pollution problems!